"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

First Airplane Ride! Destination = Guangzhou, China

Amanda getting lots of attention at the airport. Seriously everyone was SO helpful!

The chaos checking in

Jorja entertaining Amanda

Lucia getting a snack at the airport during our delay

Amanda getting her snack

Checking out the planes

If only she would sleep on the flight...
Michael working away as always!

Checking out her seat!

This isn't so bad...Hopefully she likes it because she has LOTS of flights a lot longer than this hour and twenty minute one in her future

The group in Guangzhou!

Our Adoption Group in Nanchang

The entire group of three families plus Michael our wonderful facilitator

Samara, Amanda and Lucia

Amanda was quite taken with Samara

A BUNCH of pictures from Nanchang China

If I would have been organized, I would have posted a few everyday. As it goes, I am only organized enough to do adoption paperwork and not the blog. So here is a whole slew of pictures!

Daddy and Amanda looking out the window of our hotel in Nanchang. We all did this a LOT as it rained EVERY DAY!

Amanda and Lucia getting to know each other

All dressed up for our first fancy dinner out!

So excited to be out and about!

First highchair experience

Nonno Martin (aka Lucia's Grandpa who is otherwise known as "The Baby Whisperer.") Amanda LOVED him!

Not pictured--Beth missing most of dinner to "walk" Amanda to sleep

Checking out my new socks--Thanks Orie!

Amanda trying pumpkin for the first time--she LOVES it! Definitely Mommy's girl!

Our daily view of Nanchang China. Rather gloomy. Good thing we had Amanda for Sunshine to brighten every day!

Beth and Lucia hanging out

The two Daddy's hard at work getting their daughters ready for pictures

Matching PJ's!

Lucia is explaing to Amanda that she needs to move back to Chicago ASAP so they can have more sleepovers

Amanda agrees and is now ready to work on Daddy to get back to Chicago:-)

Our teething girl

Drool Queen

Two top teeth coming in at once--Ouch!

Grandpa--Looks like she may be a little Lefty!!!

Lucia's Mohawk!

Giggling with Daddy

Amanda is as facinated with Daddy's blackberry as he is. She is the ONLY one who can get it away from him!