"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Meeting Aunt Kitty

A big hug for Aunt Kitty. Unfortunately a lot of my pictures may have been erased from this day, but we have video!

Meeting Uncle Johnny-san

Here is Amanda giving Uncle Johnny-san a big hug!

Amanda's First Cupcake!

Again, video was too long and I am technically challenged. Here is the you tube link:


Happy Birthday To You!

So my video was too long and I couldn't figure out how to shorten it so I posted it on You Tube. Here is the link if you're interested!


Amanda's First Birthday Party

Amanda had a birthday party a little early. She celebrated her birthday with her friend Tessa who turned 2 a week before Amanda turned one. Amanda had a great time at the party! There are TONS of pictures thanks to our good friends Cayce and Emily. We REALLY appreciate all your help in making the day even more special.

Outside playing at her new sand and water table which was one of her birthday presents.

Party people!
Tessa--the other birthday girl! Happy Birthday Tessa!

Finally captured on film, Amanda telling us hold old she is.

The reason it is so hard to catch on film is because right after she holds up her 1 finger, she immediately goes into applauding for herself:-)

So nice of so many people to come wish Amanda a Happy Birthday!

Singing Happy Birthday!

Tessa's mom made cupcakes for the girls!

Trying out the cupcake...
Tastes good...
For some reason Amanda wouldn't pick it up.
So fun! But she really didn't eat much of it. We were SHOCKED!

All done!
Apparently she didn't eat much because she wanted to get back out to her gardening


One HAPPY family:-)
Kate drug her guests visiting from the states all the way to Amanda's birthday party. We were so glad Kate and Brett and guests took time to stop by. We are so sad Kate moved back to the states about 10 days later. We miss you Kate!!!
Checking out some birthday presents with Cayce!

She LOVED Her new books!

"Smelling" her new flower bow from Emily and Joel.

And the grand finale...Amanda got Emily not only to wear pink, but to wear a pink bow and smile. What a FUN day!

Mother's Day

We had a wonderful Mother's Day celebration. Amanda got me this great new picnic blanket which is also waterproof. Since we go to the park everyday and it is currently rainy season, it is perfect and getting LOTS of use.
My sweet angel
We always take time to smell the flowers
SUCH an amazing day.

Saying Bye Bye (sort of) to Cakes

Saying Bye Bye to Cakes

Running with Daddy

Michael teaching Amanda how to "run." They used to play this game every night. Now Amanda just runs around chasing Daddy:-)

Bye Bye Cakes

We had SO much fun with Cakes and were so sad to see her go. Amanda adored her. Seeing her with Amanda melted my heart. And, she was just the best help with so many things. We miss her so much and REALLY wished we lived closer so we could see her and all of Amanda's wonderful family and friends a lot more. We love you cakes and miss you TONS!!! Thank you for everything! xoxo

Amanda found a note in her crib that night from Cakes

Holding the note and sporting her "I LOVE CAKES" pjs.

I think she liked the note Cakes!

Life Is Good

Drool machine! Somehow I didn't get a picture of the little bloomers that went under this dress...they said "Life Is Good." And boy it IS!!!