"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dancing Queen!!!

Hard to say where she got her moves...Beyonce or Elmo?

Bye Bye Aunt Kitty and Uncle John!

We had so much fun with Aunt Kitty and Uncle John. It was incredibly special to have them here to celebrate Amanda's first birthday. We know they missed their own sweet girls so much. THANK YOU For coming all this way to meet Amanda!!!

We love you and miss you TONS!

One last dinner out with the Briscoes!

Out for one last dinner before Kitty and John leave
SO fun having my sister visit. I miss ALL my family like crazy living so far away!


I turned around for one second and turned back to see Amanda trying out her new car.

First Sushi

After all the chocolate, we switched to more healthy food. Since Amanda is one, she can have sushi. So, when we took Aunt Kitty and Uncle John to Tsukiji, the worlds largest fish market, she got to try a bite of Tuna Sushi. Not many people can say their first bite of sushi was from the best fish market in the world!
She had NO fear!
She totally loved it and wanted more but I was too nervous to give her anymore!

Amanda's first Lib's

Aunt Kitty insisted Amanda was ready for her first piece of Lib's chocolate. I am pretty sure I have never given her kids pieces of chocolate. That will change next time we are in Evansville!

She LOVES it--duh!

I love my rainboots

Amanda got new rainboots for the upcoming rainy season and was obessed with them!

Congratulations Uncle Drew & Aunt Kelly!!!

Uncle Drew is getting married! This is WAY late in getting posted but we are so excited for Kelly and Drew. They are getting married November 13! Congratulations!!!
Amanda is so honored to be a flower girl so she starting practicing right away!

Cake Time!

Happy Birthday To YOU


Not so sure about the cake at first....
Notice Daddy's hand in the background...he "helped" her figure it out.

This is fun!!!


Looks like she wants to start a cake fight!!!

A Fun-Filled First Birthday!

Taking Kitty and John up to Tokyo Tower
John enjoying the Michael Jackson display
On to the park--Amanda's favorite place!

Ice cream after the park. Aunt Kitty is such a good sharer.

Wow--a new slide in Amanda's own backyard!
She loved it!
Reminding us she is ONE today!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited that Aunt Kitty and Uncle John came all the way to Tokyo to celebrate Amanda's first birthday with her.
She got the hang of opening things pretty fast!
Who's more excited--Mom or Amanda?
Amanda thinks her new baby bottle for her dolls is for herself!

oohhhh! Aunt Kitty brought this huge new little people play house all the way from the USA--THANK YOU!
So many presents! Thank you everybody!